Casino games: Online Roulette

The Roulette is probably the most popular gambling game in the world. Both in casinos and on the Internet, it has a great tradition and is played like almost everywhere. The reason for this is probably the simplest rules. In addition, roulette can best be represented graphically, so it is probably the most beautiful game in online casinos. As with any gambling at roulette of course, you have first know the rules.

The principle is simple: the aim is to guess before each throw, on which number or colour the ball will land in the boiler. However, there is a huge selection of applications. So you can at online roulette on red, to black, to one, two, six, put odd or even numbers. There are even special series of numbers with different odds. In addition, there are many side bets. The variety of possible operations may discourage newcomers a little, but that is actually unwarranted. Online Roulette is actually an exciting game that you have to bow out quickly once you have learned the different possibilities once.

Different roulette games

In the Internet Roulette and in live casinos there are many different versions, among which you can choose. Probably the most common variant is the American roulette, where there is not only zero but also a double zero. In addition, the arrangement of the figures in the boiler to another. Roughly summarized the biggest difference is, therefore, that the bank has the biggest advantage! It is this version at 5.26%. Who would like to play more than just a game, is better off in European roulette. Here, the house edge is less high than the American roulette it is about 2.57%.

Particularly exciting is the version of “Roulette Royale” in which there is a progressive jackpot. Who meets in a row the same number five times, hits the jackpot! Finally, there is the French roulette. Also in this game type is played with a single zero. The difference with the European roulette is that you in easy chances gets half the bet back if the ball lands on zero. This reduces the house advantage with this type again by half and is about 1.35%.

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